Miami detective Tate Drawdy’s girlfriend won’t marry him. His boss can’t stand him. And the hottest Cuban in the city has just been murdered on his watch.
Drawdy’s about to discover the victim was the wrong man. A case of mistaken identity? He’s going to find out, but it means surviving a terrifying encounter with an escaped con. And, ain’t this a thrill? He’s beginning to suspect the guy he’s trying to protect is running some sort of expat conspiracy.
Drawdy’s a rich kid who dropped out of med school to become a cop. He’s impetuous. He’s a blues fanatic — bring your earplugs. And his obsession with this case is about to get him killed.
Michael Ludden is a former Deputy Managing Editor at the Orlando Sentinel, where he directed a year-long investigation that won a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting. Projects he wrote or edited won numerous awards over a 25-year newspaper career.
He’s written for magazines, advertising and marketing firms, edited books and been a senior writer/editor at CNN’s Headline News.
He grew up in Mountain Lakes, N.J., and has a B.A. in English Literature from Washington College. He and his wife live in Atlanta, where he’s working on another Tate Drawdy thriller and likes to sample a Sam Adams Boston Lager when the sun begins to set (or looks like it might, at some point).

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